Nine out of 10 get first choice secondary schools in North Yorkshire


Mar 1, 2021

Nine out of 10 parents have secured their first choice secondary school for their children, North Yorkshire County Council said today.

Parents were due to learn from the local authority today which secondary school their children will be attending in September.

Of all children who requested a school place, 94 per cent received an offer from one of their top three school preferences – and 90 per cent secured their first choice.

A total of 6,205 school pupils will be moving up to secondary school in the county in autumn.

Cllr Patrick Mulligan, executive county councillor for education and skills, said:

“Once again so many of our families have gained the first preference from their choice of schools, which is great news.

“We work with schools across the county to ensure they deliver the highest standards of education so families will increasingly be able to send their children to good schools.”

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Parents can select up to five schools on their application forms in North Yorkshire.

Cllr Mulligan added:

“This year, the authority has seen a rise in the number of parents who have not made full use of this opportunity or did not complete a common application form before the published deadline as required. 

“As the authority must ensure that each child is allocated a school place on the national offer day, there has unfortunately been a need to place children in schools which in some cases could be some distance from their home.

“Every effort will be made to accommodate parental wishes following allocation day where there is capacity in their chosen schools.”

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