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Last updated Aug 20, 2021
We put your questions over TV problems following the Bilsdale fire to an aerial expert.
We put your questions over TV problems following the Bilsdale fire to an aerial expert.

After a fire at the Bilsdale transmitter a week ago many homes in the district still have no TV.  This week, we put out a social post asking people how it was affecting them and it had a huge response.  So we’ve hooked up with Jody Lovatt of Direct Aerials based in Knaresborough and put some of your questions to him.

Mr Lovatt says he has been inundated with calls and has been working long hours, visiting up to 30 homes a day to re-tune aerials. He has warned homeowners to be wary of people charging huge prices for aerials re-tuning. His charge is £30.00 per home.

Do you know when services will resume? 

The company responsible for the transmitter, Arqiva, says there will be “significant improvement” in the coming days. It’s my understanding that there’ll be a limited number of channels back by August 28 – when the signal returns to around 80% strength. Only the main channels will resume at this point.

Will I need to retune my TV when services resume? 

If you didn’t try to re-tune your telly when you first lost your TV signal then you will not have to re-tune. If you tried to re-tune your TV not realising the fire was the problem, then you will have to re-tune it.

Why doesn’t my TV retune to the Yorkshire region? 

About 90% of the Harrogate district can get Yorkshire TV, most will need their aerials moved and TVs retuned. There are a number of transmitters that I can turn your aerial towards, including Emley Moor, Hayshaw, Belmont and even Pontop Pike. It’s a quick job of around 20 minutes.

If you live in a higher part of the district, such as Harlow Hill, you may be able to do this without moving your aerial or calling out an engineer. Your TV will give you the option of the Yorkshire region when you try to re-tune it.

The only homes that may struggle with either of these options are low lying areas such at parts of Jennyfields or parts of Bilton.  Homes there may have to resort to buying a Roku stick to get services if they want some TV before the signal is restored.

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What is a Roku stick? 

A Roku stick is a bit like an Amazon Fire Stick. It’s easy to buy (Argos, Sainsburys, and Currys stock them). It costs about £20 and is easy to install. It connects your TV to the internet if you have wifi. It is effectively a streaming box.

Will I get a refund on my TV Licence? 

Some of my customers have already asked the BBC if they will get a partial refund of their licence fee. I’m told the answer from the BBC has been no because BBC radio services are working.

Do you have a question for Jody? You can contact him directly on Facebook page here.    

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