‘Our lovely Queen has brought us together’, say Burn Bridge party organisers


Last updated Jun 3, 2022

Organising an official street party with North Yorkshire County Council and closing a road takes a bit of paper work and bureaucracy.

Neighbours Jilly Adams and Angela Palladino in Westminster Grove, Burn Bridge, were undeterred.

Both work for the NHS and thought it was the perfect opportunity to bring their neighbours together post covid.

This afternoon that happened as the cul-de-sac closed and neighbours brought food, drink, tables and chairs to meet and celebrate the jubilee.

Angela said:

“The local community is so important. We’ve lost looking after each other. Covid has highlighted how important it is to look after one another”

Angela Palladino (left) and Jilly Adams (right) 

Angela is a relatively new resident of the road, her neighbour Jilly Adams has lived in Westminster Grove for a long time:

“I think a lot of us have forgotten how important the Queen is. I’ve lived here for 18 years and have never done anything like this before.

“It’s taken our lovely, lovely Queen to get us together”

Both neighbours feel the Queen’s example of dedication and care is important for future generations.

Indeed sitting the shade was great grandmother, Margaret Holtby who is 80 years old holding her great grandson, Cooper, who is only two months old (pictured below).

As the sun shone in the afternoon the Stray Ferret left the Westminster Grove party in full swing. S Club 7 was playing loudly on the sound system and the bubbly was in full flow.


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