Police pledge to crack down on fast and noisy cars in Harrogate


Jun 8, 2021
Police want to crack down on noisy cars. Photo: Flickr/Auto Afficionado
Police want to crack down on noisy cars. Photo: Flickr/Auto Afficionado

Police have pledged to take a zero tolerance approach to fast and noisy drivers in Harrogate town centre this summer.

Harrogate often attracts drivers, sometimes in modified vehicles, racing around the main roads, particularly during summer.

North Yorkshire Police said today it has already handed out three traffic offence reports and one more serious section 59 warning for antisocial driving behaviour, which could lead to the car being seized.

It pledged in a statement to keep up the pressure during the summer months on “the irresponsible behaviour of some drivers which is not only unsafe but also highly disruptive”.

Operation Chrome, which began last summer last year, has restarted and will see increased police patrols in hot spots, more speed cameras across town, vehicle stops and detailed CCTV reviews.

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Superintendent Steve Thomas said:

“As the weather improves we see a surge in the number of vehicles driving antisocially around the town centre.

“Residents and visitors should not have to fear for their safety or have their days blighted by this excessive noise.

“We are taking a zero tolerance approach to this dangerous behaviour.

“Rest assured if you receive a warning and continue driving irresponsibly, we will be watching and your vehicle will be seized.”

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