Stray Ferret backs Killinghall Nomads campaign for Harrogate to honour Rachel Daly
Aug 18, 2023

Killinghall Nomads Junior Football Club has called for the council to honour former player Rachel Daly.

Harrogate-born Rachel is a key part of the England team that has reached Sunday’s Women’s World Cup final against Spain.

She was also part of the Lionesses side that won the European Championships last summer, and won the Golden Boot for being the Women’s Super League top scorer this year.

Her achievements were completely overlooked by Harrogate Borough Council, which was abolished at the end of March.

The Killinghall club has now called for the new North Yorkshire Council to put that right, preferably by renaming Harrogate Hydro, which is due to reopen next month, as the Rachel Daly Leisure and Wellness Centre.

Mary Beggs-Reid, the club’s media manager, said:

“After all Rachel has achieved, surely the council can name something after her.

“She’s inspired a nation – surely as a town we should honour her?

“The club and town are special to her. We need to show her how special she is to us.”

Rachel Daly Killinghall Nomads

A huge crowd greeted Daly when she returned to open the club cafe in May.

The Hydro is due to reopen as the Harrogate Leisure and Wellness Centre. But Harrogate Borough Council set a precedent by renaming Ripon Leisure Centre the Jack Laugher Leisure and Wellness Centre in honour of the Ripon diver’s achievements, including an Olympic gold medal.

Killinghall Nomads want the new council to do similar by renaming the Hydro — which is close to the club’s grounds — after the local superstar.

Daly returned to Killinghall Nomads in May to officially open the Nomads Daly Brew Cafe , which was named after her.

But the club feels it’s time for the council to step-up — and the Stray Ferret agrees.

We are therefore backing the campaign and have asked North Yorkshire Council whether it will support the call to honour Daly — preferably by naming the Hydro after her.

John Plummer, editor of the Stray Ferret, said:

“It’s great that the council honoured Jack Laugher — there is now an overwhelming case to do the same with Rachel Daly.

“What better way to do this than by renaming the leisure centre, which is close to Killinghall Nomads’ grounds, after a local star who has inspired millions of people to get active?”

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