Stray Pets Rescue Club: cats Leah and Sox and Cynthia the dog need a loving home


Last updated Aug 20, 2021

The Stray Pets Rescue Club is our monthly profile of animals in and around the Harrogate district, in desperate need of a loving home. Could Leah, Cynthia or Sox find their new family with you? 

Leah – Short Haired Cat 

Age: Approx 6 years old

Leah’s story: When Leah came to Harrogate Cat Rescue, she was terrified of humans and it became clear she had been abused. Through care and patience she is now affectionate once she gets to know you.

Temperament: Leah may be a little nervous at first, but loves being stroked and fussed and will always come for her favourite Dreamie treats.

Ideal home: Leah will ned a safe place while she settles into her new home, like a covered bed. She has never been outside so needs to remain as an indoor cat.

To find out more about Leah and how you can help, contact Celia at Harrogate Cat Rescue on 07749 461042

Cynthia – dog

Age: Approx 2 years old

Cynthia’s story: Cynthia arrived at Miss Mollies Rescue from Romania where she had been rescued from the streets.

Temperament: Before arriving in Harrogate, Cynthia hadn’t had any training and was very anxious. She’s now gained her confidence, can do basic commands and walks well on a lead.

Ideal home: Cynthia’s new home needs a nice garden, and children must be over 12. She can be homed with another dog, and will need an owner who is around a lot of the time with the patience to help her gain more confidence.

If Cynthia could become part of your family, get in touch with Miss Mollie’s Rescue

Sox – Short Haired Cat 

Age: 7 years old

Sox’s story: Sox is looking for a long term foster home. Although he is fit and well, he does have epilepsy, which is controlled by medication. He hasn’t had a seizure for over a year though, so it’s well controlled.

Temperament: Sox is a happy, friendly boy who has lived with a calm dog before.

Ideal home: Sox needs a long term foster home; all of his veterinary bills will be covered by Harrogate Cat Rescue, who will also fully support the fosterer. Once he’s settled in, he will be able to have a wander outside in a safe environment.

If you could be a foster carer for Sox, contact Celia at Harrogate Cat Rescue on 07749 461042.


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