Stray Pets Rescue Club: the 8ft boa, and pair of bulldogs needing your help


Last updated Jul 23, 2021

The Stray Pets Rescue Club is our monthly profile of animals in and around the Harrogate district, in desperate need of a loving home. Could you help Fudge, Zena or Otis find a new family? 

Fudge – Boa Constrictor

Age: Approx 8 years old

Fudge’s story: Fudge is an 8ft snake who has been living at K’rescue in Knaresborough for a long time now, and all she needs is a loving home. She was signed over by her previous owner because she got too big.

Temperament: As you can see from the photo, Fudge loves coming out of her enclosure for play time. She also enjoys eating her weekly jumbo rat.

Ideal home: Fudge will need an enclosure at least 6ft, around 30°C at the hot end and in the 20’s at the cold end. She will also need a big water bowl to get into.

If your family has space for Fudge, you can visit K’rescue Knaresborough’s Facebook page or call them on 07837 445352.

Zena – American Bulldog

Age: 5 years old

Zena’s story: Zena came to the RSPCA York, Harrogate & District branch via an inspector after her needs were not being met.She has hip dysplasia and spondylosis of her spine – but is on daily pain medication which means she can continue to enjoy life.

Temperament: Zena can find new situations and people a bit daunting, and can be quite shy and timid. Once you’ve earned her trust, she loves nothing more than spending time with you and getting as much fuss as she can.

Ideal home: A family full of patience and understanding to help Zena settle in, and she loves cuddles, food and going for walks. Zena can live with children over 14, can be left alone for short periods, and may be able to live with another dog.

Find out more about Zena and the adoption process at RSPCA York, Harrogate & District branch.

Otis – English Bulldog

Age: Approx 2-5 years old

Otis’s story: Otis has been with Dogs Trust Leeds for quite some time. When he first arrived, his world fell apart and he became anxious, which manifested in humping and lead-grabbing. Otis has done brilliantly in his training, and is more than ready to take the next step into his forever home.

Temperament: Otis has learnt some great coping strategies from the training and behaviour team at Dogs Trust. He is good around other dogs, but will settle best as the only pet initially. He is also worried about heavy traffic, so doesn’t want to live or walk directly on a main road.

Ideal home: Otis will need a family who are interested in training to continue the great stuff he’s already learnt – but he comes with bags of potential. Adopters should live within an hour of the Leeds rehoming centre to be able to go for lots of visits, and need to be aware that Otis has a skin condition and anxiety – so there will be additional veterinary costs.

If your home is missing an Otis, get in touch with Dogs Trust Leeds.

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