Stray Pets Rescue Club: the dog, cats and rabbits hoping you’ll be their new family


Last updated May 28, 2021

The Stray Pets Rescue Club is our monthly profile of animals in and around the Harrogate district, in desperate need of a loving home. Could you help Jerry the Patterdale Cross, cats Mitchell, Webb & Lollipop, or rabbits Mojo & Mystery in their quest for a loving home? 

Jerry – Patterdale Cross

Age: 14-15 months

Jerry’s story: Jerry was left tied to a tree, and was handed to the dog warden after being found.

Temperament: Jerry is very friendly and also very lively. He can be a little unpredictable around other dogs.

Ideal home: Jerry will be a fantastic dog for someone who has time to spend training him. He needs a very secure garden, and a home without children or other pets.

If your family has space for Jerry, contact Saving Yorkshire’s Dogs. 


Mitchell, Webb & Lollipop – Domestic Short Haired

Age: 2.5 years & 1 year

Mitchell, Webb & Lollipop’s story: This trio came to the RSPCA as part of a multi-cat seizure, where their previous owner did not have enough time to spend with all the cats. They are very much bonded to one another, so need a special adopter who can give a home to all three.

Temperament: These three cats had been left extremely nervous of people. They have been in care for quite some time and have come on well, and although they are still very nervous when people are around, they are ready to start their new lives with a loving new family. Mitchell, Webb and Lollipop are very playful and active with their toys and each other – they will enjoy interacting with you for fuss and playtime once they get to know you.

Ideal home: They will find moving to a new home very strange, so adopters will need a spare room where they can be together to begin with. Once they’ve settled and gained confidence, they can begin to investigate the rest of the house. Adopters will need to be patient; Mitchell, Webb and Lollipop will need to be kept as house cats for a very long tie and may never have the confidence to go outside. They will need a quiet, adult-only home, but could possibly live with other cats.

If you could help Mitchell, Webb and Lollipop, visit RSPCA York, Harrogate and District. 

Mojo & Mystery – Rabbits

Age: 10 weeks

Mojo & Mystery’s story: This sweet pair were born at the RSPCA, after both mum and dad were no longer wanted by their previous owner.

Temperament: Mojo and Mystery are young, cheeky and playful little boys, who will make wonderful and entertaining family pets. They love treat time, and like being hand-fed.

Ideal home: Mojo and Mystery will need to live in a hutch which is a minimum of 6 feet, with an attached run of at least 8 feet. These boys will be happy to live indoors if given lots to do, and can live with secondary school aged children.

To provide a loving family home for Mojo and Mystery, visit RSPCA York, Harrogate and District. 

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