Stray Views: Electric car campaigners don’t speak for everyone in Knaresborough
Last updated Aug 18, 2023
Stray Views

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I am writing in response to a couple of articles relating to the council’s provision of electric vehicle charging points at its car parks in Knaresborough. The campaign itself is not reflective of the residents, taxpayers or visitors to Knaresborough.

The campaigners are failing to understand the effects petro carbons have not only on the environment but on people affected with chronic lung conditions like COPD and the more common asthma. There is also a direct cost to tax payers of Knaresborough as we have effectively paid for the electric vehicle charging points so to actively campaign for their removal is going to mean service provision cuts in order to fund it, and, no doubt in two years’ time to fund putting them back.

As such 0.12% of the Knaresborough taxpayer’s population are trying to make decisions for the 99% majority which is simply undemocratic and narrow minded.

If the issue is, as they allege that the car parks are full, what is wrong with reverting Gracious Street car park to short stay only? It used to have a maximum stay time so why not reintroduce this concept and make it two hours maximum stay with a no return in four hours, this could be extended to the castle car park.

Whilst the market place spaces could be subject to a very short term stay of one hour no return in four hours again. This leaves Conyngham Hall and York Place as longer stay car parks.

I have another proposal here too as there are businesses that do have car parking which may not be fully utilised so as a collective why don’t they work together and use the space we have but more effectively? What about car sharing? Using our fantastic public transport?

I am writing this letter due to the toxic nature of the anti-environment campaign given repeated air time at the Stray Ferret without seeking the views of Knaresborough taxpayers who will suffer if the spaces are removed.

We should be praising the council for taking the issue of pollution by the scruff of the neck and making Knaresborough a blueprint for other cities, towns and villages within North Yorkshire. I would welcome more clean air studies as per the Bond End work, subject to them getting government funding as I believe councils have funds but they can also apply for grants for such work.

Adrian Robson, Knaresborough

Lack of planning on trains after The Hundred match at Headingley

The match finished around 9.15pm. Burley Park station was mobbed with no staff to manage the situation. The platform was jammed and more people continued to arrive without any control – lots of families with young children.

People were very good natured but it was very lucky that there were no problems. After the test match, which ended at 6pm, there were loads of staff and transport police.

When the train arrived it was already busy and so everyone was jammed in. Surely this could have been planned for?

Stephen Hutchison, Harrogate

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