Stray Views: Government should clamp down on homeless tents
Last updated Nov 10, 2023
Stray Views

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While I can’t imagine how on earth a penalty could be enforced against those that refuse accommodation, I must re-educate Lib Dem candidate Tom Gordon, on his belief that tents are not a “life choice” for some of the homeless.

Believe me Tom – having volunteered to work with the homeless for a good couple of years, I am only too aware that there are several local individuals who – for whatever reason – decline offers of help, support, accommodation or stability. It is their preferred lifestyle, and they have no desire to engage with services or have a permanent roof over their heads.

Personally, I don’t understand it. But I acknowledge it – each to their own. But I certainly stand by any decision to clamp down on the use of tents, lest we become a society reflective of some of the horrendous “tent cities” that are synonymous with many American cities.

Want to live in a tent? Fine. Your call. But to do so on the High Street, I draw the line. I may not vote Conservative, but I do agree that Suella Braverman understands someone needs to get a grip.

Mark Fuller, Harrogate

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Badger Hill speeding an issue

The speed of traffic round the bend at Badger Hill needs to be seen, it has resulted in cars hitting the wall and the house. The latest was two weeks ago when a car left the road hit the wall and overturned. This is where many people sit waiting for the bus.

This is a very big concern and the councillors comments seemed to dismiss the involvement of the present Lady Mayoress, who visited us to hear our concerns.

Malcom Wood, Knaresborough

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