Stray Views: ‘Shame’ on councillors who voted for allowance rise
Last updated Nov 17, 2023
Stray Views

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How dare they give themselves a pay rise at this time. They already all got a rise when everything went to Northallerton because they were going to have more responsibility with the wider district to cover. 

Then instead of the economies of scale and savings we were promised we find they have given us £25 million debt. Shame on them.

Diane Stokes, Starbeck

Briggate would be fixed quicker in Northallerton

I have just read John Plummer’s article on the lack of progress with the roadworks on Briggate, Knaresborough

I believe that Ms Burnham is being somewhat economical with the truth when she states that the work will take until Christmas to complete but only begin in a few weeks time. There are only 25 working days until Christmas.

I also believe that had this happened in Northallerton – it would have been fixed in September. It is not equitable to leave local council tax payers ‘simply’ having to put up with the daily misery of the situation which currently has no committed end in sight

Having examined the collapse closely myself, the rubble could easily be removed – thus freeing up the road again. Despite significant rainfall and gale force winds since September it has shown no further signs of collapse. I note also that the houses above have not been evacuated nor the footpath itself closed to pedestrians. The situation could then be monitored regularly until such time as the work could be carried out.

And bad weather can’t be blamed for lack of progress either since it hasn’t prevented significant , planned gas works from being carried out on Aspin Lane etc

Ultimately the situation appears to boil down to the council’s apathy or disinterest in sorting this problem out for local taxpayers.

Alice Woolley, Knaresborough

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Thanks to Connexions Buses

Connexions Buses have ended their X1A and B services Harrogate to Knaresbrough estates.

I would like to thank them for their reliable service over the past years and the friendly drivers who always would wait for us older passengers to be seated and wish them all the best for their future employment.

Paul Smith, Knaresborough

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