Unstable riverside footpath in Ripon closed after collapse
Nov 17, 2023

A riverside footpath in Ripon has been closed  for public safety after sections of supporting stonework collapsed into the fast-running Skell.

The stretch of path between Iron Bridge on Bondgate and the bridge at Bondgate Green, was deemed unsafe by North Yorkshire Council highways engineers, who assessed the damage this morning.

Part of the collapsed section of footpath

They were alerted to the collapse by Ripon City Council leader Andrew Williams, who told the Stray Ferret:

“This is a popular riverside route for walkers and people exercising their dogs.

“With parts of the path in a perilous condition, the decision to close was taken until necessary repair works can be carried out. In the meantime, I would urge that members of the public obey the closure signs and do not put themselves at risk, particularly at this time when the River Skell is running so high and fast.”

A member of the highways team who assessed photographs taken at a number of locations along the path, said:

“Looking at the images it is the right decision to close the unstable footway until the stone can be retrieved from the river when levels are lower and the repairs can be undertaken.”

The path will be under regular monitoring and remain closed until the extent of repair work required has been established.

Main picture: Stonework that was supporting the footpath can be seen in the water

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