Vintage tractors on show in Ripon next weekend
Last updated Sep 17, 2021
Members from the West Yorkshire Vintage Tractor and Engine Club

A collection of around 30 vintage tractors and engines will take over a Ripon garden centre next weekend.

The event organised by the West Yorkshire Vintage Tractor and Engine Club, based in Harrogate, is to encourage its members and the public to enjoy outdoor events once more.

In previous years the club has hosted a wealth of events but coronavirus put a stop to that. Members have frequently put their tractors on display at Newby Hall’s Tractor Fest.

However, next weekend chairman Mark Nicholson said members are travelling from across the area with their machinery.

Tractors and stationary engines will be running throughout the day for people to take a look.

The entry is free and he is encouraging people with an interest to come down and have a look. He said:

“Some of our members have worked with the machinery for decades so have hug amounts of knowledge. We are running it so people can get out again and just have a chat.”

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The event is free and will be open fro 9am to 4pm next Saturday, September 25 at Tate’s garden centre.

The club has been going for 51 years with some of the founding members still involved. The group meets once a month to talk about their shared interest in vintage machinery.

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