Harrogate College works with local firms to skill future staff


Last updated Sep 6, 2021
Harrogate College
Harrogate College

Harrogate College is to work with local firms to make sure its courses provide the skills they need.

The college has created what it calls an Employers’ Network.

The aim of the network is to hear from local businesses about the skills they need and then tailor its courses to provide them.

The college said the food and drink manufacturing industry could be one of the first areas to be tackled.

Local businesses that are currently involved: include Techbuyer, Energy Oasis, and AurumGold Ltd.

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Danny Wild, principal of Harrogate College, said:

“This is an opportunity for employers to influence the content of our courses so that they get the skilled employees they need coming through”

The network aims to benefit businesses and students.

Firms will benefit from the creation of bespoke courses tailored for the businesses involved while students will take courses better suited to help them find jobs.

Holly Hansen-Maughan, performance and projects coordinator at Harrogate College, said other benefits included reducing the time and resources businesses would need to spend on training, and combatting current and future skill gaps within businesses by giving students the tools needed to fill the gaps.

The launch event will be on October 21 and local businesses can attend.







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