Police to ‘clamp down’ on rising criminal activity in Ripon
Feb 11, 2021
Ripon market square
Market Place in Ripon.

North Yorkshire Police has said it will be “clamping down” on the troublemakers after a series of incidents in Ripon.

The force said “antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated” following a spike in criminality in recent weeks.

Crimes have included street robberies, assaults on the public and emergency workers, with reports of knives and machetes being used.

Groups of youths are reported to have been breaching lockdown rules and congregating in the market square and bus station.

The police has said a new operation has been introduced to tackle the rise in crime which includes an increase in officers in the city.

The force added this is not a long-term solution and it will continue working with key partners on long term plans to safeguard Ripon residents.

Inspector Alex Langley has spoken out about the increase in criminality in the city. He said:

“Groups of youths have been breaching Covid regulations by congregating in in the Market Square, the bus station, and Bondgate to name a few.

“Whilst we cannot always inform the public of some of the positive results we see due to ongoing investigations and court processes, please rest assured this operation has already seen results.”

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Insp Langley went on to assure residents it is only a small handful of people responsible and the force will continue to patrol and take action to prevent crime.

Addressing young people directly, he said:

“If you commit anti-social behaviour and mindless act of theft and criminal damage we will take every opportunity to investigate and prosecute you.

“As a young person you may not realise that throwing that stone or stealing some alcohol may result in a criminal record. Please stop and think about the consequences of your actions and how your decisions today could impact on your future.”

People can continue to report crime via 101 and 999 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to remain anonymous.

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