Readers’ Letters: The ‘scruffy’ state of Harrogate makes me ashamed of my town
Last updated Apr 5, 2024

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This letter follows an incident on Harrogate’s Parliament Street on Wednesday, during which three teenagers threw bottles from an upper level window onto the street.

Your story about the throwing of bottles onto Parliament Street includes a picture of the buildings on that part of the street, and they just serve to demonstrate how scruffy much of Harrogate is these days.

It makes me ashamed of my town.

Many of the windows appear to be broken, the paintwork is in a dire state, and I’ve no doubt the insides are equally scruffy and weather worn. This is a prime street in what is supposed to be a smart town – doesn’t anybody care?!

Harrogate doesn’t really have individual fine buildings; it is the collective period ambience which gives the style to which the much-needed visitors and shoppers will come. We must make sure that it is kept up to scratch.

How do we make the owners of properties smarten them up? Who do we vote for who will lead the change?

Chris Graville, Harrogate

Housing developments, Kex Gill and local flooding

This letter is in response to several ongoing topics, including plans for new housing developments and the new mayor.

Almost every day the Stray Ferret tells us the council have approved plans to build more houses.

Our hamlets and villages have all now been turned into towns and the green fields can never be recovered. The loss of trees and the damage to wildlife is unforgiveable.

The ‘new town’ on York Road has been advertising for some months “£30,000 of savings”, to me this says they are not selling, so why are the council doing everything in their power to force through these permissions? Nobody ever votes in favour and all the votes are against.

We are a tiny island with limited resources and all this unrestrained building will end in disaster.

Flooding is getting more regular and more severe. Could the fact that 1,000’s of acres of green field sites have been concreted over to build new houses have anything to do with it. As there is no longer any natural drainage where do the authorities think this water is going to go?

In addition, the new mayor: outdated, no longer required and a waste of money. £2.2 million to find a mayor and then £80,000 a year + all the expenses to maintain. What useful purpose does this position provide? Surely this money could be better spent elsewhere.

Malcolm Hodgekinson, Bilton

Lack of information on Kex Gill is ‘outrageous’

This letter follows the ongoing A59 at Kex Gill saga. The road closed more than two months ago. The Stray Ferret reported on Thursday that the road is expected to be closed until the end of June.

Having read the reporting of closure of the A59 in the Kex Gill area, Mr. Alistair Young’s honest comments came as breath of fresh air. The environmental comments which are said to have come from an official could have been written by J. K. Rowling.

It appears to be clear that the public consultation documents haven’t been read and the geological survey hasn’t been observed.

I can’t believe that the effects of a little drop of rain in these conditions wouldn’t have been calculated. To be awarded £115,000 of council tax money to repair an avoidable damaged road clearly needs an independent investigation. It’s about time these so-called knowledgeable officials listened to people like Mr. Young and read documents which they requested.

I live just outside of Harrogate area and travel the A59 every week. Like so many other people we are suffering the inconvenience. The council have been very inconsiderate to local people.

The lack of information has been outrageous.

Interestingly the repairs may begin after Easter, two months after the closure. Ironically that coincides with the new financial year.

Keith Norris, Harrogate

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