Ripon Cathedral plans St Wilfrid 1,350th anniversary commemorative stone


Last updated May 9, 2022
Initial designs of the stone planned for Ripon Cathedral.

Ripon Cathedral has unveiled plans for a commemorative stone to mark the 1,350th anniversary of St Wilfrid’s church.

The stone would be installed at the cathedral to mark St Wilfrid and his “long lasting influence” on the city.

Ripon Cathedral has submitted the plan to Harrogate Borough Council as part of a listed building application.

According to documents submitted to the authority, the stone would be made from black polished limestone. 

It would include Wilfrid’s date of birth and death and stars which were his insignia.

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The stone would be installed inside the cathedral just before entering the Quire in order to give it “suitable prominence”. It would also be in a position which reflects the east end of Wilfrid’s original Anglo-Saxon church.

In documents submitted to the council, the cathedral said:

“The key aim of creating and placing the stone in the location proposed is to activate the deep history of this place and to acknowledge and celebrate the profound impact of the life of St Wilfrid in creating the church from which our cathedral grew.

“Part of his great legacy of places created to the glory of God with a shared spiritual heritage that continues to resonate with people to this day.”

Harrogate Borough Council will make a decision on the plan at a later date.

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