Stray Pets Rescue Club: George, Rupert and Biggie need your help


Last updated Jun 25, 2021

The Stray Pets Rescue Club is our monthly profile of animals in and around the Harrogate district, in desperate need of a loving home. Could you help these three dogs find a new family? 

George – Retriever Cross

Age: Approximately four

George’s story: George was found by a Romanian rescue, who asked Miss Mollies Rescue to give him a second chance. He has been with Mollies for about four weeks.

Temperament: George is incredibly energetic and has a very lively personality. He gets on well with other dogs, and loves people.

Ideal home: George will need a very active home, preferably with adults or older teenagers because he is so lively. He will also need a home where he will have company most of the time.

If your family has space for George, contact Miss Mollie’s Rescue

Rupert – Coonhound

Age: 13

Rupert’s story: Rupert came to the RSPCA York, Harrogate and District Branch after his previous owner sadly died. He was devoted to his owner, and has struggled to come to terms with his loss.

Temperament: Rupert struggles to trust people he doesn’t know, so adopters will need to do more than one meet and greet before adopting him. Once he knows you, his true cheeky character starts to shine through.

Ideal home: Rupert will need experienced adopters who have the time and patience to help him settle and feel space. He can feel intimidated in small, confined spaces. He will need an adult only home where he is the only pet.

For Rupert to become part of your family, visit the RSPCA York, Harrogate and District website.

Biggie – Chihuahua

Age: Five to seven

Biggie’s story: Biggie was found in a very bad state, underweight and suffering with a painful skin condition. With the help of Dogs Trust Leeds, he’s bounced back brilliantly.

Temperament: Because of his skin problems, Biggie doesn’t like too much handling, especially around his ears and neck. So instead of snuggling on your knee he will show his love for you in other ways like playtime. He likes chasing a ball and really enjoys his walks.

Ideal home: Biggie will need patient owners who will let him slowly settle into his new life. He will need a secure garden and may need a little refresher for housetraining. Biggie is fine around other dogs but isn’t really interested in them, so doesn’t want to share his home with other pets.

To find out more about Biggie and the adoption process, visit Dogs Trust Leeds.

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