Stray Views: Dogs without leads ruining Valley Gardens
Last updated Jun 18, 2022
Stray Views

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Dogs without leads ruining Valley Gardens

Yesterday I walked through the valley gardens at 9am and I counted 20 dogs off their leads. One did a huge poo and the owner was oblivious on their mobile. 

Another was digging up the amazing flower beds. This has got to stop. I’ve lived in Harrogate all my life and this is preventing me from using the amazing Valley Gardens.

Gale Filburn, Harrogate

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Ripon Cathedral plans ‘adequately discussed’

Councillor Williams is leader of Ripon City Council and as such has no statuary right of consultation about the Cathedral plans. The Cathedral has more than adequately discussed its plans with the relevant local authorities in Harrogate and Northallerton. 

The City Council of Ripon is represented on Ripon Together where local organisations have a voice on all local issues.

I suggest that Cllr Williams’ time be better spent in finding out why the Spa Hotel remains closed in spite of purchase by The Inn Collection, a disaster for Ripon tourism and its economy.

Dr Christopher Bennett, Ripon

Thank you, Stray Ferret

Thank you so much for your coverage of the Great Knaresborough Bed Race. 

As I have been laid up with some mysterious illness I was unable to do my usual duties at Bed Race, so therefore I would have missed it all except for being able to watch your videos. So thank you all once again for yesterday.

Pamela Godsell, Knaresborough

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