Stray Views: New Harrogate Starbucks will increase roadside litter
Last updated Jan 12, 2024
Stray Views

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 Take a drive around Beckwithshaw and North Rigton and have a look at the grass verges.

From country lanes to main roads they are surrounded, almost exclusively, by crap from ‘drive-thru’ restaurants or coffee shops.

Once you’ve noticed it you really can’t un-see it.

It’s got way worse since Costa opened in Pannal with motorists happy to lob their latte out of their windows as they head to work.

It’s not just where I live either. Verges all over the Harrogate district are absolutely covered with rubbish from the same places.

I’m not lovin’ it.

Do our learned councillors ever consider litter when approving these places?

I dread Starbucks on Wetherby Road opening because it’s obviously going to make the litter epidemic much, much worse.

These corporations are poisoning our countryside and shame on the lazy ‘tossers’ who chuck rubbish out of windows.

Tex Crick, North Rigton

Crime commissioner ‘can’t rescue anyone’

Regarding the loss of firefighters at Harrogate, has police, fire and crime commissioner Zoe Metcalfe noticed that Harrogate has a lot more houses than it did?

More opportunities for fires and, as the Ferret reported, fire personnel needed to rescue drunken drivers this week. What would have happened had there been a fire during the rescue?

Then, there is the new Maltkin settlement, which could house 8,000 people. Which fire service will cover that, should it be needed?

Let’s save the money we spend on her salary by disposing of the commissioner position.

She can’t rescue anyone.

Gill Knight, Harrogate

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