Stray Views: Exceptional care from staff at Harrogate hospital
Last updated Aug 27, 2023
Stray Views

Stray Views is a weekly column giving you the chance to have your say on issues affecting the Harrogate district. It is an opinion column and does not reflect the views of the Stray Ferret. Send your views to [email protected].

I’m a mental health patient in hospital receiving help for anorexia. I have over 15 years’ experience in and out of many medical and psychiatric wards and I have never experienced such exceptional care as I have here on Nidderdale ward at Harrogate District Hospital.

From the ward sisters, to staff nurses, health carers and domestics – everyone shows such respect, making my long stay so comfortable and reassuring. I feel this team don’t get enough credit for their incredible skills. Ward sister Rachael Little and sister Emily Jonas have given me an outstanding level of care which I can’t thank them enough for.

I’ve experienced at least 10 different mental health units in my life and had many medical admissions and never experienced the level of care I have here, so I felt they needed to be noticed!

I’d also like to add that the mental health liaison team within the hospital was absolutely excellent. They came to visit me daily and made such a difference to my progress and mindset. Their level of professionalism and dedication is something I’ve never experienced in the many other hospitals I’ve been in.

Vicky Somerville, Harrogate

‘I know what it’s like to live near a building site’

I have much sympathy for residents of the Kingsley area.

In one road in our small village .building has dragged on for years. Proportionately our rural residence has doubled.

There’s no consideration for extra noise.dirt.or parking in a route well used by locals and caravanners.

Polite requests are met mostly with abuse. Threats to summon police are laughed at, empty as they prove to be.

Building and planning regulations are laughably non existent.

If houses have still to be built – though three new builds remain unsold in our village after a year – could the industry legislation have a mandatory code of conduct  to make life tolerable to those who live  here already?

Helen Watkinson, Scotton

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