Stray Views: Night time noise in Harrogate makes it impossible to sleep


Last updated Oct 8, 2021
Stray Views

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Night time noise in Harrogate is unacceptable 

The noise at night in the centre of Harrogate is unacceptable. People shouting and fast loud cars until 2am to 3am. Friends of mine from London couldn’t believe how noisy Harrogate is and they live in central London.

I agree so I’m moving. Every weekend it’s the same. I want people to enjoy themselves but the behaviour I hear is antisocial.

Can’t people be decent and realise that people/families have the right to a good night’s sleep? Honestly it’s not acceptable to be kept awake until 2am to 3am in the morning.

I have teenagers but they are aware of their surroundings and wouldn’t dream of shouting or playing loud music in their cars. Can’t something be done?

Annekin Emerson, Harrogate

New Tesco location ‘beggars belief’

I cannot believe that Tesco and the council are considering building a superstore with an entrance so close to one of the busiest junctions in Harrogate.

The thought of two roundabouts within close proximity beggars belief, traffic will back up from the entrance to Tesco and hold up all of Harrogate’s through traffic from the A59 and A61.

Clearly the ideal place for a Tesco superstore is on or near Otley Road, then traffic will head out of Harrogate or have easy access from all of the new estates on that side of town.

The problem at the moment is that ALL of the supermarkets are in town or the opposite end of town to Otley Road (except for Aldi, which is excellent but does not satisfy all requirements), so all the traffic has to go down Skipton Road to get to them causing constant traffic jams.

Why the council/house builders/Tesco cannot get round a table and come to an agreement where the Tesco land at the roundabout can be developed for housing, and more appropriate land on the outskirts of town can be used for the Tesco’s I do not know. Is that not Section 106 agreements are all about?

Stephen Readman, Harrogate

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Pedestrians needs are being ignored

May I voice support for your correspondent Angela Dicken and her comments on the cycle way on Otley Road?

I am a frequent pedestrian there and can wholly confirm what she says. Yesterday morning, for example, just after 9am, on which occasion I was actually in the car heading for Bradford (try it on public transport if you want to know why) I was waiting at the pelican crossing and saw a cyclist in all the gear absolutely hurtling down the pavement towards Leeds Road.

This at a time when the pavement is always busy with people. At the moment that is illegal, although nothing is ever done about it. Now we are being asked to share space with such people.

Nor was this an isolated incident as many will testify. Later that day I was passed by another equally speedy cyclist whilst walking on the pedestrianised section of Oxford Street. Later still, on East Parade, by which time it was dark, another pair were riding abreast without lights on that road. And so on. It is time certainly to think about the pedestrian and stop indulging a fantasy of responsible cycling.

Paul Jennings, Harrogate

Well done, Harrogate Borough Council

I must thank those at Harrogate Borough Council who have been responsible for removing the weeds from around the base of the Tewit Well’s dome.

In this, the 450th anniversary of the discovery of Harrogate’s first mineral well, it is particularly important to ensure that the Tewit Well appears cared for, in view of the passing visitors the site so regularly sees.

Malcolm Neesam, Harrogate

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