Readers’ Letters: Keane Duncan’s campervan trip is ‘shameless narcissist photo stunt’
Last updated Feb 4, 2024

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This letter follows a story published by the Stray Ferret about Tory mayoral candidate Keane Duncan’s campaign.

What on earth is Keane Duncan thinking? Oh, hang on, silly me I forgot… another shameless narcissist photo stunt.

The ridiculous campervan 100-night-sleep-in with ‘Peggy’, and suggesting this is how he will operate ‘if’ elected, probably proves how amateurish this chap really is.

Instead of the endless photo opportunities and self-indulgent ‘how cool am I’ posts, Keane really should focus on the job he currently has.

Apart from throwing shade on anything or anyone that has gone before him, what has he actually achieved?

The only time we really see this chap is when a camera is out.

Simon Ewing, Harrogate

Bill Hoult served the community with ‘great devotion’

This letter is in response to the death of Knaresborough councillor Bill Hoult, which the Stray Ferret reported on earlier this week.

It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Bill Hoult.

Although I can’t claim to have known him very well, I did have cause to call on his services on a few occasions concerning a variety of matters.

Each time I contacted him, he listened very sympathetically to the issue and promised to do what he could to help me. He also promised to keep me informed – which he did.

Bill was an honourable, and above all, a very respected and decent man who served the community with great devotion.

Thank you and rest in peace. Sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

Colin Harrison, Knaresborough

Will housing at the former police training centre really be built?

This letter is in response to a recent story published by the Stray Ferret about final planning approval being given to build 200 homes at the former police training centre in Harrogate.  

When we bought our house on Rossett Green Lane in 2013, the police college was empty and sealed off with barriers and security guards.

Plans for housing were already in place.

Now, over 10 years later, permission has finally been given for 200 houses, but there are already objections, quite properly, about local infrastructure, traffic problems, etc.

We have moved on now — will the houses get built this time round? How long will that take? Over 10 years so far and counting.

It’s easy to see why houses do not get built as required under our present system.

Tim Gray, Harrogate

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